Ethan at Brass Tacks was very thorough. He was very open to explaining his findings as he went and giving good input and suggestions to me as a buyer. He identified every possible problem in our fixer upper and laid out detailed orders of importance for repairs. He was very personable and friendly and though he left no stone unturned his contractor experience allowed him to be as optimistic about the problems and solutions as I was without stressing the negatives.

Jason H

Thank you, Brass Tacks, Inc and Ethan Hotchkiss for a job well done. Taking advantage of the opportunity to inspect your home along side a certified home inspector is a plus, but Ethan made the experience that much better. I have a general eye for home components, but Ethan was able to better explain thoroughly what we were looking at. His expertise was evident and I felt very comfortable asking questions and he was very willing to explain in general terms. Home inspections play such a large part in purchasing the home of your dreams or maintaining the home of your dreams. I would recommend Brass Tacks, Inc and Ethan to anyone I know, love, or acquaintances with. Thank you, again!

Brandon W

Due to extremely unique situations in my search for a new home I found it necessary to use the services of a home inspection firm for three different home inspections. My realtor recommended Brass Tacks, Inc. and Ethan Hotchkiss whom I used for all three inspections. I was very pleased with all aspects of the service. Ethan is professional, precise and consistent. I was most impressed with his diligence and attention to details. He’s is very knowledgable and easy to communicate with. His inspection reports are incredibly thorough and completed and emailed to you next day. I found his service fee to be reasonable. Ethan is also a very spiffy dresser! I highly recommend Brass Tacks, Inc. and Ethan Hotchkiss.

Brenda M

I highly recommend Ethan from Brass Tacks Home inspection. I can't say enough about the quality of his work and his attention to detail. His professionalism and customer service attitude was truly stellar

Carolyn C

Ethan. Thanks for thoroughness of your inspection. Roofer was out this morning and confirmed your suspicion of hail damage and poor flashing in 2 locations.

Cliff B

We have had two homes inspected by Brass Tacks Inspection Services, and we were really pleased with the service both times. Ethan was both friendly and professional, and he was happy for us to be present during the inspection so that we could see firsthand what he was seeing and ask any questions we had about the process or the home being inspected. He was thorough and unbiased, and we truly felt that we were in good hands. I would highly recommend this company.

Nick and Tracy R

Ethan provided a professional and invaluable service to us in the home buying process. His willingness to spend time with us as he assessed the home we eventually purchased helped us ask valuable questions and request important amendments to the home. His inspection was especially helpful in the purchase of an older home, something we had no experience of previously. Ethan raised some important issues that were then brought to bear in the purchase price of the house once the appraisal was done. I would recommend him without reservation.

Sara R

What is a Knoxville Home Inspection?

In the past several years, home inspections have become an important part of the real estate transaction.  So much so, that if you choose not to have one, there are now forms to sign acknowledging that you have been advised to have one but have decided against it. However, most people know little about it other than they need one.

Your home (or potential home) cannot pass or fail a home inspection.  It is simply an impartial representation of what is.  The inspector has no vested interest as to the success or failure of the real estate transaction. Their job is to simply state what they observe.  Any well loved and lived in home will have a few flaws just from everyday activity.  It is not uncommon to see a brand new home with some issues as well.  Nothing is ever perfect and there is usually always something that can be improved upon.

A Home Inspection is a general, non-invasive, visual inspection of a property.   It’s purpose is to identify defective components and systems according to the opinion of the inspector at the time of the inspection. Not everything pointed out in a home inspection is a bad thing or even something that needs to be corrected.  Many issues are minor and are only pointed out because they are less than perfect and that’s why you’re paying your inspector.

There are many ideas of what a home inspection should entail.  To help everyone be clear on their expectations, many states and professional organizations have established Standards of Practice. These vary from state to state and organization to organization, but most requirements are fairly common. These are the basics of what to expect as well as the limitations of responsibility for the inspection.  A quick search of the web will usually result in finding the expectations in your area.

It is always in your best interest to have a home inspection no matter what property you’re buying. In most cases, your inspector has gone to great lengths and training to help you identify facts that will assist you in making an informed decision about one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make. Even if you are experienced in building, an impartial perspective with no emotional attachment can be a valuable one. You should have a home inspection because you don’t know what you’re missing.

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